Whether I like it or not, I’m part of IT

In college I quickly dumped chemistry and physics. (The lab fire, in connection with a test where the only correct thing I put on an exam was my name, had something to do with it.) I had no aptitude for the sciences. I wanted to be one of the hot guys that played Frisbee with the blonde psych and sociology chicks on the Quad.

It ended up that I wasn’t one of those guys either. I took refuge as a History major and ended up discovering I could write, then became an Economics major. (When I tell people this some oooh and aaah, as if I could part the Red Sea.  I can’t do that.) I went to graduate school and never spent so much money on the potential of being a part of a low wage profession.  I did not finish.

Time passed, and even lower wage jobs. Then I discovered technical writing. I’d already been doing it, but with the correct title I was able to make twice as much. But I discovered that I was now part of IT, and IT hated documentation.

It’s a male thing I suppose., to hate the motherly accountability that is documentation. It’s as if I was ruining their Boy’s Party with rules. Yet after all didn’t we all use words, all have languages? The Boys didn’t want anyone to understand what they were doing, the code’s the thing, and to hell with the User. Or the people paying their salaries.

Even if I lose, told that I’m not useful to a project anymore, yet I know that the User has been  served, I am satisfied.

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