I Have Returned After Two Years

I didn’t go very far. but I was in denial land.

The job market has really changed and may not want a technical writer in his 50’s. But that also might mean that they are interested in discounted talent that has no experience.

The past two years was all about loss. I lost a job, a house and a car…what about you?

I’ve gained some wonderful friends, but lost friends too, people who are tired of my story of loss. Look, guys, I’m not hitting you up for money, or even a ride. I’m not even asking you for any referrals because I’m not sure you are really on my side.

I’m insulted by people – far too many – who think that all I need is Jesus, or some other faith. They think that my situation is a moral flaw. It isn’t. I’m a Christian catholic grounded in spirituality. It’s something I grow into and draw nourishment from with each struggle. I don’t get to have your friendship, just your attitude. Enough said.

I have many good creative years ahead of me, which means that entrepreneurship might be the best course of action. My previous employers rarely wanted my creativity, only my labor. To hell with them. I’m tired of playing recruiter games. I really want to love what I do. I might be naïve but I think it’s doable.


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