Leap Day

I smiled this morning as I woke up. I heard birds chirping. The sky was light, but the sun had yet to rise. Coffee, journaling, and the obligatory job search email, I dress and escape the house. I know that it is the last day of February, that spring is far away, but the plants and animals seem to be more than ready. And it’s not just warm out, it’s hot. I carry my jacket with me. I slowly walk south as the cars, trucks and buses drive past. The bushes and trees have a halo of light green around them.

My lunch tastes good. People crowd the restaurant, I enjoy being there. Like the wise men of old I go home by a different way, dodging mud and puddles from the rain earlier in the morning. As I walk home, this time north along South Meridian. Just south of the bridge over Pleasant Run I always have to chuckle, There are two bars frowning across the street from each other. There is a pleasant breeze. It is a good day.


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