Thunder and Hail

The window was bright, but off in the distance I heard thunder. The light dimmed quickly. One of the roommates was working on a meal right in front of the coffeepot. Grrr! I finally got to make my coffee. But I wanted more breakfast than that, and I needed to do some shopping for a print cartridge. McDonald’s and Kmart were in order.

I finally achieved food, but the clouds outside kept getting darker and darker. Rain started lightly, and I thought of trying to get home quickly. But I needed a print cartridge. So I crossed Madison, a 5 lane street, and walk across the dead-flat Kmart parking lot with lightening in the sky. My only words about my Kmart shopping experience to Sears: Rebrand your stores. Please.

Walking reminds me of all my years living in Muncie, Indiana. I walked everywhere. Restaurants and grocery stores were within easy walking distance. Walking is familiar poetry, traffic whizzing by, the weather a revelation. When I returned to Indianapolis walking was the way I remembered the city. Broad Ripple and the old Glendale Mall stirred my memory. I walked the canal towpath in the days before the Monon Trail.

While I was in the store I heard the roar of rain on the roof. Little did I suspect what I saw in the parking lot: drifts of hail. each hailstone about the size of a marble, melting fast. Walking across this was treacherous, but it got better. I walked  across Southern to Meridian, most of Southern has no sidewalks. I walked on the mounded up hail, then evaded getting splashed as cars sped pass.

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