Another Walk

I’ve had a challenging two weeks as I carefully walk to get a script filled. I’ve had interviews, the first real time interviews I’ve had in years. There was no mention or ritual shaming as I have had in some phone interviews or phone screens about the long duration of my unemployment, or veiled age discrimination. But I have no idea if I got either gig.

I did get a request of writing samples. This always rubs me the wrong way. What are they looking for? They want me to disclose content that I have no right to have in my possession. Maybe it’s not my writing they want, but derive some kind of professional advantage from evaluating the content. Nearly all of what I write as a technical writer is not mine – I’m not Napster. ‘Nuff said.

I’ve also been ill, affecting my balance. The first attack of vertigo was at home, violent in its severity. The second attack was a week ago, not so bad, but was in public. My doctor gave me some meds, and dispensed some advice. He asked me “Are you happy?” and I said “No”. I’m not happy at all – not with really anything. He assured me that good things were coming my way, and sent me out to pay my bill.

So I was scared, walking to Kmart, fearful I would have another attack, this time with no one with he who could help me. But it was all good. The magnolias are in bloom. Springtime is here, ready or not.


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