A Walk in Spring

I had to get out of the house. After three days of rice based dishes, McDonald’s sounded good. But before I did anything I had to put the lining back into my coat. The upstairs roommate took advantage of the absence of the downstairs roommates by turning off the heat.  (He was attending the Festival of Ritual Easter Shaming at his parents house in southern Indiana.) I’m glad I put on an additional blanket. My bed was toasty warm, but when I got up I could not make coffee fast enough.

I have come to walking down Pennsylvania on my journey south. This means I can inspect the burned out house, trying to discern changes (none so far on the corner of Tabor and Union. Tabor t’s with Pennsylvania, the walls of the Manual Redskins baseball diamond  rising on the east side of the street. At the corner of baseball field there is a riot of Spirea, var. “Bridal Veil” in a cascade of vanes with clusters of small white flowers.

I wish I knew more names of the plants I encounter. Pleasant Run Parkway is lined with vast sycamores (no doubt quite dainty when planted 80 years ago) that are now huge, beautiful, dangerous, and diseased, slowly being culled by the city or property owners. This avenue is shared by oaks, and my feet scattered maple helicopters as I pass. There were so many under-canopy shrubs and small trees (river birch, dogwood, forsythia, and others) and in one yard, only feet from the rush of Madison Avenue traffic a rose was blooming, on a shrub that had only begun to leaf.

It was also a day of pedestrians. I encountered a large number of people walking on the street, chatting (in the cold! with no coats!)  or waiting for the bus. Which reminds me – I survived my first IndyGo experience to see friends who could not come to see me. It was a great experience and I don’t understand why more people don’t ride it. But that is a tale for another post.

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