Search for Beauty Avenue

I didn’t realize that I was looking for it until the stop announced “New York and Beauty” where a woman and two small children got on, in thin transparent rain gear – both girls – were a study in everything pink. Earlier a man in a suit and tie  got aboard, looking harassed, carrying a questioning little girl. Earlier still, a very young petite woman was minding two boys (I’d say twins) while feeding an infant with a bottle.

I think that the ridership of IndyGo is about as diverse as this city is itself. On another ride, a big burly white guy offers his seat to an older, infirm black woman. Need I say more? Everyone is busy trying to get from one place to another. On some routes, where everyone who rides knows one another, the back of the bus becomes a gossip fence, the activities of cousins and other relations discussed and laughter erupts as a stop is announced and the group makes hasty goodbyes.

This community of travelers is beautiful, a perfect community, busy, diverse, true. I feel very safe as I begin to travel using the bus system here in Indianapolis. There are people, close friends, who missed me, but could not come and retrieve me after I lost my car. I had to ride the bus to get to where I needed to go.

As a result I have experienced this city as a pedestrian space, as it was designed to be. I was walking as the city was preparing for the Mini Marathon. There is glory in the air. Every flowerpot, every planter is a riot of pansies – yellow, purple, blue! This was my walk to the library up Pennsylvania Street.

While the Monument is a soaring testament to the warrior aspect of the goddess, our library is a sacred space, dedicated to the goddess of Wisdom – the same goddess. I was there is get a new library card, but Athena-Nike is never far from my mind. I left the temple, once again struck my the beauty of this place. Then I remembered that I had a bus to catch, and the walk to Ohio Street was not a short one.


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