Even though I am unemployed I work.

My work has included preserving my assets, putting my household into storage, taking it out of storage, then moving most of it here. Now my work it selling it – this work has been a lesson, that possessions are often burdens. I am tired of pulling these burdens behind me from place to place.

My work is reminding the people I live with to honor where they live by keeping it clean and tidy. When I came here the living room had become a festival of competitive feline marking on a foot-high layer of debris – paper, clothing, you name it – that I cleaned up as an example to two shut-down men that by honoring their home there lives would improve. This is still a work in progress. I am clearly the task-master, reminding them to be responsible for cats, possessions and activities.

The kitchen was the secondary mess, garbage stacked up 5 feet off the floor. At least a months worth of dishes were  stacked in the sink. All of this got cleaned up. In the time I have been here, trash is regularly taken out, floors are cleaned, the kitchen has been  reorganized and partially remodeled. I do the dishes at least once every day. Leadership and diligence are my work here. At least one of the roommates now helps with my kitchen tasks or does the cooking.

My work is to write, to clear what I am feeling, to expound and document what I am thinking, I have done so since 1995, finding the lessons of The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron to be true and significant. My work has been to organize and copyright three eBooks that I have published on Amazon.

My work is to secure an income, a gig, or both, and have a diverse portfolio of projects. This work is continuing. My work is to be true to myself and deal with my transference, projections, and judgments of others and those of myself onto others. My work is about being present, having no judgments about the present.

At best my work is something sacred, something mysterious, something greater than me. The real mystery is when my work tasks me and not the other way around, my writing writing back to me. This work is about love and the forever it comes from.


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