Did You Know?

Did you know that I’ have been out of work for nearly two and a half years? That I have lost my house and my car? That my unemployment benefits have been exhausted? That I’m living on a shoestring as a guest in a friends house? People are so used to reading about the misfortunes of others that someone you know – and maybe know well – is grounded in this reality. I have been wondering if anybody had actually picked up on what was going on in my life.

Do you recall, from all my previous blog posts, what I do for a living…I mean, when I did that, whatever it is? I would like to do it again, and make more money and have more fun with it. Do you know what I’ve been trying to sell, and been moderately unsuccessful?

I sometimes wonder who I am talking to, writing to, when I post a blog. Don’t any of you have any comments about the posts? How can I find out who you are and create some kind of dialogue? I enjoy the blogging experience and would like to do it for more than experience. I would like to blog and be better at it.

I’m isolated. and you are probably the person I need to talk to, maybe even meet. I need you to speak up, yell at me across the pond or down the road. Networking is not about  just getting a gig, it about connecting in a way so that the whole is greater than the sum of us.

Thank you for reading me today.


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