Now about IndyGo

Tuesday I had an interview. It went well. But when I came out the downstairs roommates car died – something went snap in the transmission. As he was arranging a tow to a garage in Mooresville (a small town south and west of Indianapolis) I realized that I was going to have to take the bus home. And I am looking at 465 hard by Zionville Road in Boone County? Marion County? It didn’t matter – my walk to the nearest bus stop was over a mile away.

It wasn’t a bad walk, all things considered. I was not in clothes or shoes fit for a hike or the weather. The shoulders of the road were wide as I dodged traffic unused to the presence of pedestrians. The long-mown grass was crunchy underfoot. I finally came upon the stop at 86th and Zionsville Road. I was saved…or was I?

As a person new to transit I find that there are many gaps in how transit information is communicated. The bus driver, in my case, didn’t understand that I had never been on Bus 37 before, that I’m hard of hearing and his accent and poor explanation resulted in my being on a bus an hour longer than I needed.

I have occasionally missed connections because bus drivers take breaks or meals that can take 20 minutes, often with people on the bus, something I was treated to this day as well. I was finally able to catch a bus home, walking through my neighborhood, happy that I was home.

Can I take a high wage knowledge worker gig if I not only have to deal with 2 hours of transit time one way but a serious walk as well? How can a city invite the world to a party here yet neglect such a serious component of economic development as transit for its citizens?

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