IndyGo Punch List

I’ve been an IndyGo rider for a short time now and have a come up with a list of things that might (or might now) be feasible in the current funding climate, or questions I’d like answered.

  • Paint the bus route number on the roads and indicate where stops and time points are. This would create greater awareness of where buses run and which routes run where, and prepare drivers for a bus to stop and the presences of pedestrians. Roads are built for all modes of transit.
  • Change how I can subscribe to the IndyGo Twitter feed. I don’t really want to know about ALL the buses being late, just a few. So I want a text about a specific bus.
  • Can IndyGo make money? Could they buy a taxi or limo service? A particularly popular destination? Transit makes location valuable. It is important to remember that most transit entities began in private hands.
  • Do any of the routes make money at anytime of the day?
  • Find a way to give drivers needed breaks and lunches, but keep the bus in motion.
  • Make Ohio Street transit only between Pennsylvania and Meridian, with a canopy over the entire street and sidewalks.
  • Since the buses generate a vast about of location data on a real-time basis why aren’t there information boards Downtown on Ohio Street, at at some stops or even on your smart phone about transit timing?
  • Why is the IndyGo Store blocks away from the main transit hub on Ohio Street? An office in a truck  up on the sidewalk would do.
  • Help people make bus connections better. I have had to walk home (2 miles) far too many times.
  • Has there been a time motion study done of the driver’s work?
  • Consider revising the printed bus schedule from a graphic and tabular format to an infographic format.

It would be interesting if the powers that be would respond to this – we’ll see.


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