Fallow Time

I am very thankful that many other people have not bee out of work for as long as I have, particularly people with children. Most people with kids are far more connected – and might I say it, more motivated so that they can provide for their children. For all the stresses of the moment I am enjoying the lack of direction from an employer and the work that comes from fallow time.

I have come on a better way of helping people understand my fallow time, because to communicate it as a period of time, but I have come to value this time as an opportunity cost. Instead of saying that I’ve been out of work for 2 1/2 years, I say that I’ve lost $250,000 in earnings. People understand money, and it shows that I understand the value of what I do.

I have always liked temping and contracting because I could have time off between assignments. The time off helps me stay on an even keel and give me time for my own projects. On the other hand, with all the periods of time in my schedule where I have no income by design, it’s very hard to create wealth.

I have a hard time dealing with people who don’t understand how beneficial these fallow times are. I’m coping well with my circumstances, focusing on what I can do. Some people think I should be more active, but I have found that activity for the sake of activity is fruitless and unrewarding. It will be time soon enough to be busy.

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