The Soulful Thing

god is no longer

god is no longer here he is gone, washed away by water.
I would like god to stay sometimes so that we could talk and get to know each other better.

my fear is that god will go away never to return-i will be put away in some cabinet or on some shelf-it is the fear of this long night.

i know the taste of god is sweet i can almost feel the warmth of the sun in the hillside where grapes grow into wine and water pours cold and sweet from the mountains.

i have been kissed a thousand times an open willing container pouring out god to anybody who asked, held in a warm embrace i find comforting

when i am empty i want to be filled up when filled up i want to pour it all out i am filled with the glory of god hosts of angels sing praises

i am lifted high and i feel the love in the god stuff within me the radiance is sometimes so great that i feel that i will melt

i am alone now in the cold in the dark – it is raining out side night will be here soon.

the clock ticks all night. i will stand a lonely watch, wanting god back, hoping i will not be forgotten.
i need to drink too.


Edgar Huntington©1988, 2012. All Rights Reserved.

I wrote this poem over 20 years ago. I think it illustrates what I have been talking about for awhile, the psychopathology of things. This poem occurred to me when I saw chalices lined up on a shelf in a sacristy. I identified with the loneliness of being there, just waiting for the powerful ritual of the Mass to happen again.


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