A New Walk to Garfield Park Branch Library

I get tired of walking the same way, or with the same people all the time. Since the house no longer has internet access – I have access only through the hotspot on this phone – the Garfield Park branch of the local public library becomes important to the other men in my household as a point of access.

One of the roommates insists on walking through the park, which I consider waving a red flag to police who heavily patrol it. The northern edge is Raymond Street, which makes for a loud walk. The library branch is on the east side of the park on Shelby Street.

My new walk is very much like going to the Kmart on Madison, except turn to the east on Southern Avenue. The neighborhood to the north is full of small bungalows that are almost on the street. Walk across the railroad, the sidewalk disappears and you are in the park. You still have a long walk to Shelby Street, the library on the other side of the tennis courts.

This is a very modest library. Before you go inside check out the garden on the north side. Watered from runoff from the roof, this garden is in great shape considering the dry conditions this summer. Check out the “BOOKS” bike rack.

On the way home we got caught in the rain. I don’t mind this, but wish I would have had a hat to keep the rain out of my eyes. I foolishly ran some of the way and my left hip flared up and became painful. All in all it was an excellent walk and a refreshing way of getting to a useful destination.


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