Jasper, Norskskogkatt, Er Dod!

Yes, he is dead, probably Friday. The signs were all there, particularly Thursday night, when the sky was alive with rain, lightening and thunder. The other cats were seeking shelter, but for Jasper he was being called home.

I rarely mourn pets, but I was the custodian of a female Norwegian Forest Cat back in the early Nineties. I was impressed by her intelligence, hunting ability and personality. So it also was with Jasper. He was a creature of the outdoors, so I let him out when I got up to make coffee. He would sometimes come into my office, jump up on my desk, and knock everything over. He was obviously more important than words.

I was not Jasper’s custodian but a familiar. He was at least 17. During the thunderstorm he had hidden, but had been coaxed out. It was obvious something was wrong, but later hid again and there he died. To get him out a small piece of ceiling, a large piece of floor and a chunk of ductwork had to be removed. The hiding space was under an upstairs bathtub.

Right now I’m angry, though. It’s very important that forms following a death be followed. Not so here. Whether Jasper understood what love is, I understand that I have been loved by this magnificent creature, and I will miss him.

So I must condemn his custodian that through fear, pride and denial Jasper’s remains are not being honored. It is impropitious that that the dead, any dead, are treated with such a lack of respect and so little honor. The gods will not smile on the disrespect the custodian has shown for an animal in his care.

Jasper, Norwegian Forest Cat, is Dead!

Jasper, Norwegian Forest Cat, is Alive!

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