Long-Term Unemployment

Long-term unemployment is a crisis that begets another crisis, until it becomes a cascade of crises. I’m in the middle of one right now, working hard to adjust to a more useful new attitude, an attitude adjustment.

Plan A was the gig, but that’s gone, been gone a long while. So I fall back to Plan B – useful but not long lived. Plan C wasn’t bad, but was so last week, because now I need to implement Plan D…

There is no Plan D.

This is where depression, angst, anxiety and pride all collide. I have endured so much loss and so much pain for so long, and now this…I go numb, can’t think, shut down…

It’s not a creative place to be. What’s happening is not the end of the Earth or even the end of me. The roadblock is real and needs to be dealt with, maybe with a new path, maybe a need to modify expectations.

I am finally approaching a place of calm. I know I am receiving – not a Plan E, something better.

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