Off the Grid

I have trusted too many men to provide me with services and provide me with income. Now I have nothing – no income, no phone, no internet access at home. The phone number I have had for nearly 20 years is gone – the one on every business card and resume and online profile, the number my parents have and on Facebook. The fact that I actually trusted other people with such important things and thought such trust was reasonable says that I’m gullible and naive.

So I am off the grid and out of touch. Internet access is through the pubic library wireless grid a long walk away. Phone is borrowed for the moment. I can’t read the news or read the cutting edge content on my Twitter feed. I can’t respond immediately to email. No more social networking. And no more Pandora.

It’s been a harsh week. I’ve learned how hard it is to live without tools like mobile internet when the world I want to rejoin moves so fast. I’ve learned how heavy a laptop is walking three miles in summer heat.

Everything I detailed at the top of this post was the crash and burn of my Plan B. There is no Plan C. I am running on empty, not sure what to do next. 


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