Beautiful Day

Last night I was waiting for a friend to show up, sitting on the steps of the porch, the weather was so crisp and comparatively cool. The sky was a deep blue, picked with white clouds. Since mowing is an optional activity in the mind of my landlord, the front yard is a wild green jungle. There were all kinds of moving, alive things around me, from insects ( read: misquitos) to small grey-tiger ferral kittens, deeply curious about the big human in their midst.

Yesterday was a good day, a contrast to my life which seems in perpetual crisis. The garage sale people paid me a bit, though not enough to resolve my connectivity issues. I gave them two huge sacks filled with my next garage sale consignment. I found something I really needed on sale. I walked up to the McDonald’s on Madison to use their WiFi.  The phone still has some functions and apps that will still work with WiFi at this point. I got to briefly chat with my friend Chris, but he was on his way to work.

Yes, my life seems to be in crisis, but no one died. The crisis will be resolved, probably in a way I cannot see. I have a second interview on Tuesday for an out-of-state contract gig. There are lots of possibilities in the air.

Beautiful days, a little bit of cash, some resolution, seeing a friend and some serendipity help me balance and focus. It’s time to go back to Mickey Dees to use their WiFi.


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