Nice to be Noticed

The second interview for the McNeil JNJ gig was brutal. The interviewer was some kind of scientist, with my luck a microbiologist, and was not buying my party line. No matter where I interview my being a generalist is noticed and a skills deficit is exposed. Sometimes It’s also a lack of specialized experience. It’s nice to be noticed, though being flayed alive is painful and unpleasant.

It was nice to be noticed on my way home from my latest WiFi scamming effort at a local fast food restaurant. Two nice ladies were out front sunning themselves, taking a rest from strenuous pole dancing (its what the sign says). I cheerfully declined the suggestion of a midday drink and walked on. It was nice but useless on many different levels.

I’m borrowing the phone of my upstairs roommate. I happened to run across a voicemail from his sister who owns the house. She wants to dump the house in the worst way. Not that I had been told anything about it. There was a period of fear and panic because I don’t have anywhere to go. Or do I?

I really need to work on creating a better reality at my own hands. Instead of employment what about entrepreneurship? Instead of worrying action is in order. Connecting with positive people is so desirable, but so hard. I need you.

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