Kickstarter Me!

I’ve been looking at venture capital sites to see if Hybrid Airship/Aerostats can generate any interest, and found  Kickstarter. It’s largely for creative endeavors, not industrial efforts, like building spaceships.

What if there was a site like Kickstarter for unemployed men over 50 who need resources? Or even a Kickstarter for me? I’m a worthy project. On one hand I’m working at a high level; on the other I’m indigent.  Here is my list of things I need to complete my project.


Why do I need these? To help pay for things and services I can’t find any other avenue to source. This would include: medication, doctor visits, clothes, transportation, meals, communications and connectivity.

  • Walmart I use Walmart for pharmacy, clothes and other items.
  • Green Dot This is a reloadable cash card. This would pay for a very needed doctor’s appointment, connectivity and communications. Note: The Walmart Money Center has a very similar product that is a tad cheaper.
  • ArchCards Buy these at your local McDonald’s, redeemable for McDonald”s food. Great salads and tempting cookies!
  • IndyGo Use this site to buy bus passes – Single Rides rule! All Day Passes are great! I’ve never used a monthly pass, but wouldn’t turn one down.


  • Lighter, smaller netbook repurposed for me; WiFi capable; or a small tablet with a keyboard.
  • A backpack (not briefcase) that an HP Pavilion Entertainment PC can fit in. It’s about half again as long as traditional laptop.
  • No Contract Phone and minutes This phone has the best combination of price and features I’ve seen so far. My bottom line is that I need a phone that is cheap enough for me to keep.
    I shudder to think that all of my contacts have my dead number on an infinate number of business cards, resumes and contact databases. I need to pay off, power down and euthanize the smart phone, connectivity be damned.


  • New Place to Live. The owner of my current residence is wanting to list this house ASAP.
    Several people have commented that i should “get out of there” not quite understanding that, no matter how bad the situation, there are logistical issues that need to be addressed. Where would I go? Using what money? My motivation is that I REALLY don’t  to end up in a homeless shelter. I fit the profile, though – male, over 50, disconnected from the world of work with no family.
  • Vehicle. My counter-intuitive choice would be an older Yukon Denali, big enough to live in, or tow something to live in (see above). There are logistical issues here as well.
  • Vision. My vision has deteriorated and I need to go back to my excellent optometrist/ophthalmologist practice and see about some options like LASIK. Caution must be exercised, being nearly blind already with oodles of astigmatism.

Here’s my bottom line. I will continue to search for a gig, though the more interviews I have, and the mounting lack of results tell me that it might be several more years, in addition to the three already, before I hear yes. I will continue to deal with the works on, especially the white paper “Hybrid Airship/Aerostats” because the idea is so totally weird it might catch the eye of someone as crazy as I am to fund it.

The greater risk to my soul is to put myself out there for soulless projects than to do my own thing, pursue my own path. So I need your help, your sponsorship, to help me keep my soul where it belongs.

Armchair Samaritans are a dime a dozen these days, so pick something from the list above and send it to me or contact me about it. I don’t think asking for what you need is a bad thing, it’s a sacred thing, so every thing is clean and clear.

Edgar Huntington
2254 Union
Indianapolis IN 46225

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