Time for Reader Feedback

I’ve written this blog for well over six months. It’s a very personal blog, with a little philosophy mixed in. My frequency is low to my mind. I haven’t received many comments; the blog analytics that WordPress provides are disappointing. Evidently I am writing to an audience of dozens.

If you like this blog or hate it please let me know. Consider subscribing to it. Comments do not have to be long, but go a long way in helping me build a better blog. Take a moment and tell 10 of your friends about it, by email, or like it and comment on Facebook.

I like writing this blog and will continue writing it no matter what. I need to hear from my readers. I enjoy writing it so much that that I’m considering starting a second blog that would be about politics – material that just doesn’t fit in the current blog. And I would be doing more of something I enjoy.

Please take a moment and give me some feedback! Thank you for your current and future readership!

One Response to “Time for Reader Feedback”

  1. chaoticscribbles Says:

    Hi, I havent read this blog before but after finding it on my reader, I have had a read of your most recent posts and would love to tell you what I think as a new reader πŸ™‚
    First of all I love the presentation, its clean and crisp and suits your blog to a tee! Also I think your writing style is really good, I definitely think you would suit a politics blog.
    One thing I would suggest, as a new reader to your blog the first place I went to was your ‘About’ page and there is nothing there. I really think an about page is crucial to draw in them readers, for me it would decide what you were all about in one hit and would decide whether I was to follow you or not. Just a suggestion.
    And maybe a few pictures would really bring your blog together perfectly! Sometimes, seeing a picture to illustrate a message in your post would add so much impact to your blog!
    Overall, I think its great! And seriously keep posting especially as you enjoy writing it so much! It shows in your writing! πŸ˜€

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