Woke Up this Morning

The bed was snug, the ceiling fan is off, the auxiliary AC unit has been wheeled into another room and I have cleaned the room, dispatching cobwebs and the carcasses of dead bugs. The vacuum cleaner has been well-used. The remnants of a craft project has been put away.

There was a casualty. One of the pindles of my four-poster bed broke off, though no worries – it was the nth repair. It’s obvious that glue, even construction cement, was not doing the job. Next iteration will include hardware. The only requirement is that the repaired pindles must be removable when I move. The mess during cleaning:


It’s much better now. As I got out of bed I wish I hadn’t. The room was ice cold. I couldn’t turn on the heat until the owner assented. Coffee, and later oatmeal, tasted good, nice and warm.

Being in cleaner, more ordered room felt good. Slept well. There are still projects to complete. The relocated bookcase needs remote. But all and all I am happy with my labors.


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