Every time I deal with a new company  or recruiter I have to deal with questions about the three year hole in my resume. My putting books on Amazon.com and having a blog on WordPress doesn’t cut it. The interviewing party assumes I’ve been a slouch, and that my skills and knowledge have diminished.

Even though I’m not currently in a pharmaceutical setting I still have a copy of 21CFR on my desk. I continue to have an interest in the field and subscribe to e-newsletters in the field and on my Twitter feed. I am a writer foremost. I write every day. I have a writer’s mentality and continually look for better ways to communicate.

How best do I plug this three-year hole? Some people have suggested that I invent a gig, but on an application I can’t lie. I have never found a good rhetorical reply to this particular objection. I will say that long-term unemployment is a crisis that begets other crises, to the point that job hunting is no longer a priority. Survival is.

My consistent tactic is to be honest about what I have done. I can’t overcome the prejudices of HR professionals but I wonder how their prejudices serve them. Employers are risk adverse these days and want to hire only sure things. I’m well aware that I am my work, and if someone doesn’t want me it is their loss.

If anybody wants me I do, and I will put my work, thought and creativity out there for any interested party to value. And if you don’t value me, please say “no” and get out of the way for the “yes” that is inevitably coming.

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