The Gateless Gate

It is sometimes good to pause by the well and draw water. I was feeling good, walking home after bathing in rich creamy WiFi, some questions answered but others unanswered, and indeed expanded, new questions arising.

I look at the clouds high above me and ponder the nature of my life. There have been sharp turns for sure, but I am often surprised at my adaptability and good humor in the face of stormclouds. My best metaphor for my life is a sea journey during a storm, seeing the sunrise with surprise that I am still  alive.

We project eternity on the heavens, yet the heavens are no such thing. Stars are mortal creatures too, sometimes dying with spendor; clusters and galaxies are temporary; the Universe itself breathes upon an eternal tapestry that we call dark, but may be purely the only eternal thing.

Security does not exist: indeed the causal universe with which we are in such love is a delusion of our mind created by an instinct for survival, filtering experience to a meaningful essence. The only thing I know is this instant, the clouds, my small joy connecting me to the water in the well, cool and earthy as I drink.

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