I do not have internet access at home. I come here to McDonald’s because I can eat and work in relative peace. The library is further away, I can’t eat there and the WiFi there is not reliable. If I chat with you or email you my turn around time may be high because the internet is a mile away.

Adapting to this has been an expensive lesson. My attempt to do an end run around the lack of internet at home blew up in my face. So since after Labor Day I’ve had to make the trek either here or the library. Sometimes this is fun, but sometimes it is isn’t fun at all. I’m a second-class citizen. My Twitter feed is ignored, and I feel out of touch. A tool I have used for years is no longer handy – I reach for it and it is gone.

It’s had a huge impact on my search for employment and social life. I now, at least, can be called and texted, but recruiters who call me don’t know that the “small changes” to optimize my resume will take me a day to send to them. I can’t move as fast off the mark. I can’t Skype friends in Europe and converse.

The world I knew is moving away from me at light-speed with a telltale red shift. I’m tired of being told no, somekind of implication that I am too old, too old hat to be of any use. Im isolated, and I don’t like it one bit.

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