Shopping on Laundry Day

I really didn’t want to do laundry today. I have a class on scientific writing that wraps up this week and I wanted to get everything submitted ASAP. The laundry machine at the house has been broken for a very long while; while the bearing was dying, punching a hole in the concretious container surrounding the horizontally spinning drum (yes, a front-loader). At least there is a surrogate for this appliance: there is no such thing as a refrigermat to replace the dead refridgerator.

Doing the laundry means that I will be at Southern Plaza, where I can do some light shopping during the wash cycle. Southern Plaza isn’t a bad, but It’s about a third empty. There is the holy of holies, an Anchor Frieght; an Office Depot; a Family Dollar and a Kroger.


My score at Family Dollar

I’ve been Journaling since 1995, but picked up using a  composition book from all the engineers I’ve worked with over the years. Composition books are hard cover, but yet I can bend them back to make reverso pages easier to write on. I can use them anywhere, especially in bed, sipping coffee while I’m writing.

I’m also nearly out of pens. I like gel pens best, especially when I can score gel inserts for my lavish Monteverde writing tool. Rita Mae Brown says that writing is important, and our tools and materials should reflect the importance of writing as an art and business.

Today I purchased ball point pens, black ink, retractable, 0.7 mm. The composition book will house about two months of entries. I generate about six such books a year, filled with my abstract, indeciferable handwriting. Such luxury cost me $2.00 for both items! I was happy to shop Family Dollar – I love discount stores like this.

Many thanks to Southern Plaza Laundry and Tan – keep up the good work!



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