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After much trial, tribulation, gnashing of teeth and an expensive HTML class, the Donate button is available for your use.

It’s about generosity quantified into money. Many of you have read my blog all year. Put the pleasure I have given you into an amount, click the Donate button, then fill out the form. Generosity – or giving – happens because it feels good. When giving stops feeling good, stop giving. It’s as simple as that.

Blogging is part of a career choice that has been accidental at best. I need to take all the writing I do more seriously. I need to point to my writing as a moneymaking activity.

I need your support in a visible, tangible way. I also need to grow the readership of my blog, increasing the number of hits and followers. I have noticed that people are more willing to read a blog with a picture, and I get more feedback from posts that are serious. There will be more of those.

Please follow me on Twitter and retweet blog posting notices. Encourage people to friend me on Facebook. Make comments about what you read in my blog.

Thank you for your readership and continued support!


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