Lost and Very Found

Most readers of this blog know that I’ve been lost. No posts from this blogger. I’ve been working out of state. I’ve experienced losses as well. I lost my luggage, and I don’t mean the airline did it – I lost it all by myself. I assumed that it was gone forever. I submitted a lost article report and a police report and made my peace with losing something large and important.

I decided to assume differently and be grateful for its return, then surrendering to whatever happens. This is what happened:


My luggage was found and it was shipped it to me. It’s taken time to adjust, having done all that work to surrender to its loss, now working hard to surrender to plenty. My gratitude is large: traveling safely with a rental car at my command; a tidy  corporate apartment where I live alone with no cats; working with a great team of people at a firm that really needs me at a good wage where rebuilding my life is a realistic expectation.

Thank You! for all these manifest gifts, all these great glories!

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