Unlookedfor Joy

It is the day after the Spring imposition of Daylight Savings, so everyone is a bit tired and late. The cafeteria was totally empty and dark when I bought my bagel. My laptop is decapitated – while I was away the password expired, and I’m now waiting for my happy managers to receive an email that will make it functional again.

In my mind and heart I am joyous, with no real reason. It is like I am standing before the Lady, standing high on her tower-throne. A vast crowd is dancing around the tower, and my ceremonial chalice and ewer on a low table at my side. The joy in my heart is total; the air is filled with song, alive with the warmth of a spring day. The song in my heart is real.

Outside of this image in my mind’s eye, I am tempted to dance around the halls of this building. These are corridors of joy. I am so glad, so grateful, that I am here and alive.   

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