Madison at Night

There was no food in the house, at least nothing I wasn’t terribly tired of already. Avocado burritos again? Let’s try something else. So the upstairs roommate and I decided to walk to the McDonald’s about a mile south of here on Madison. I’m tired of their food as well, but at least its’ fast and we can talk during dinner. We’ve gotten into the habit of going our separate ways, plates in hand, when a meal is cooked at home. There is no real dining room here, and, for some people, television is a sacrament, so breaking bread together usually happens only when restaurant wait staff is involved.

It was about 8 o’clock and the air did not feel like summer but rather the cusp of Autumn. We had a slow pleasant walk. I didn’t need my sunglasses at all, so the special trip upstairs was wasted. The restaurant was not busy. When we emerged a deep twilight had fallen, helped by the unlit parking lot. There was a line of light in the west, but after walking a few yards and crossing the street the sky had become night. Kmart was deserted, Their garden center was shrinking, another summer was passing, a garden remained unplanted. There are only so many summers in a man’s life.

Our haul was small and as we left this parking lot the night settled in for slumber. There ware odd noises in the dark, empty lot at Madison and Southern, I didn’t let my curiosity get the best of me. Dogs barked at us out of the dark. The space over Pleasant Run was impenetrable shadow. There was deep darkness above this stream. The neighborhood was quiet, ghostly trees and fellow pedestrians past us. We chatted aimlessly, discovering that we had left no lights on at the house. I was glad of the walk in the night, glad to be home again.


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