Long Summer Walks

Being on foot as one’s primary mode of transit distills one down to the basics. Carrying anything of any size or weight – even with a backpack – is virtually impossible. Brave are the souls who flaunt this rule, buying groceries, stuffed into a small hand cart, wheeled slowly away from the bus. I have seen people do this, needing a cane or a walker, with maybe an oxygen canister for good measure. There is a corner of heaven reserved for these folks.

My journey’s are more to augment regular shopping runs to Kroger or Walmart. Most of my walks take be to the Garfield Park Library, with their collection of DVD’s. I can look something up here at home, have them hold it and send it to Garfield Park. It all comes with library membership. I checked out the DVD “Oz – The Great and Powerful” (worth it, beautifully done) and a book (on paper, no less) “Shatner Rules” by William Shatner. The cuteness and cleverness of this book wears thin after awhile. I lost patience with it and turned it in before I was done. I don’t look forward to this man continuing to cash into on distant celebrity as he gets older and the joke (on us) grows stale.

A round trip to this library branch (with no detours to McDonald’s, Kmart or Family Dollar) is about 2.2 miles, just about the same distance to the Circle. The slog home is where the summer heat can get you no haw many Diet Cokes you buy or how much water you guzzle.  Taking it slow and savoring any shade is my strategy. If I walk along Raymond street, coming or going, it will be a loud, noisy  journey with cars, pickups and BIG trucks passing right next to you. I’m always happy to be home.

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