Transit Begins at your Front Door


I needed to get somewhere, a place where I usually go to on foot. The snow had retreated a bit , but in some critical areas (like corners) snow that had been mounded up by plows blocked the sidewalk. In most places there was no sidewalk; I had to walk in the cleared street, a target for speeding cars and trucks. Snow and ice had not been cleared from sidewalks by homeowners and landlords. I saw Bus #31 at it’s stop at Madison and Pleasant View Parkway North Drive. No body could have ran and caught the bus –  there were mounds of snow and ice, some hidden by puddles of water. blocking the sidewalk.

This was a common story as I made my way south, having to walk into lanes of traffic  to circumvent a blocked or impassible sidewalks. On my way back the rain had picked up. the only form of precipitation missing was hail. Puddles were deep and ice was hidden. At least I was facing traffic so walking in the street was a bit less dangerous.

Indianapolis must face the truth that transit begins on your front step. It means citing people if sidewalks are not cleared. During the summer I see trucks slowly moving up and down my street, “code enforcement” officers dealing with high grass and weeds? Why aren’t these same people citing people for impassible sidewalks and walks/

The Indianapolis Transit Center seems to be a new laurel for IndyGo management and city government to lounge on, and it isn’t even built yet. The Transit Center (picture below from Urban Indy 9/28/2012) is a delicious suburban design with languorous awnings and green trees. But this facility should have a tower over it, to house people who need to be downtown, who need better access to transit. This is downtown, isn’t it? The rents would subsidize the Transit Center and other projects.

IndyGo Transit Center Architectural Concept (image source: bidding document)

I  step out my door and find transit opportunities lacking.


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