Gleefully Awaiting the Apocalypse

The Fortunate Warrior feels betrayed today. It seems that my generosity towards my roommates in the past is not being reciprocated in the present. I am a good diligent man who wants people around me to grow, when really all they want to do is sit around on their asses and greet the coming apocalypse with glee. There is a great deal of pride in those two poor and petty men, set  boundaries that do no one any good except feeding that man’s pride.

The afore mentioned apocalypse is the impending disconnection of all of our utilities. In 2012 I experienced a great deal of chaos with these bills, so when I had money in 2013 I paid them, even though none of these bills were in my name. This was probably foolish, but I wanted stability and thought that  my actions would buy that. I didn’t like the prospect of having utilities that I enjoyed and needed being turned off wantonly. It doesn’t seem to upset my two roommates at all. They seem resigned to it. They are now arguing about trivialities while time burns away.

I’m regretting being so generous, down about $2000 without a word of thanks to me. I told them that my resources would diminish in 2014 yet they did not heed me. My money is tied up in red tape right now.  It’s all good – there are no accidents. I can’t help them at all. I think the Universe is telling me something – it’s time to use my money for my own ends. I think it is time to look at apartments and live alone again. I want away from the chaos, the house and away from these men.


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