Dear Recruiter

My name is Edgar Huntington and you recently contacted about a contract gig as a technical writer. I needed to give you some feedback about our interaction.

You called me, yet you are not patient, or won’t leave a message if I can’t answer the phone. I might not have my phone with me, or I might be driving. I am hard-of-hearing and the phone is not an optimal way of communicating with me. Many recruiters like you speak English with an accent that is so thick that I can’t understand you. I’m not going to do business with you it I can’t understand you. Email me and let me contact you if there is interest.

I also wonder if you are doing your homework before you contact me. I am a technical writer, but many jobs I get calls or emails about often require biology or engineering degrees and experience which I do not have. Your clients deserve someone who can actually do the job, actually qualified for the task at hand. That person is not me.

I don’t know if the pressure to produce  is great in your firm if you only make money if  am placed. I have encountered so many recruiters who are pushy, some unprofessionally rude and critical. Could we have a dialog, a relaxed conversation about work you might have for me? I have professional goals. Find out what they are. Be flexible about compensation. You need to be transparent about the effects of certain ways of paying me. It may be handy for you, but might not be good for me.

I might be a fool, but I will not be your fool. Your pride has caused me too many problems. Please remember that you need to be of service, in integrity and accountable to both parties.


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