Memories, Dreams, Reflections

We have known each other all our lives,
yet we have just met, turned the corner , and there you are.
Why should I be surprised? Spring always follows Winter,
and sunrise follows the night.
The stars came down to me and sang
when I was a babe-in-arms:
I see soul-stars everywhere,
Especially in your eyes.

I have  come to realize in the years of my life so far that my prevalent emotion in that time has been grief.  Joy has been there for sure, but fleeting; Love has been briefer still. This does not mean that my life has been dark. Far from it. Through grief I have been illuminated and informed of great gifts given to me, the sacrifices of others made on my behalf, the selflessness of others.

Women stand at the core of this:  first, my mother, nearly sacrificing her life in bringing me to term; second, my grandmother Georgia Frances, who loved me without end. The third is more mercurial and more powerful. She is a goddess  – Victory, perched high on her tower-throne. reminding me that I am a greater fool than a man, that I might worthy to be her servant. Which I believe I am.

I feel blessed to have made it to the half century mark. I’ve conducted an informal poll of men over 50 and they’ve suggested that the bad press of being over 50 has been carefully manufactured to disguise the fun they are having. Good.


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