Second Childhood

I’m reflecting that all of the unemployment is really a second childhood, a school to help bring me into the 21st century. I have worked so little in the past three years it has become a school – it might as well be.

As I have pulled together my archive I have seen that about 10 years ago my life atrophied. I was seriously ill during that time, and took well over a year to recover. I also began a relationship that ended up being very destructive. Even after it ended it was hard to extend myself to learn and grow again. So I have catching up to do.

While the bullies are just as bad as they were in my youth, this time with threats, certified mail, and mad-dog attorneys, I am creating opportunities to learn and stretch myself. They seem minor, but I think will yield fruit later.

I’ve applied for a passport. I passed up a chance to travel internationally last year because I didn’t have one. I would like to be able to work internationally since I have no real attachments here. Having a valid passport is the first step in doing this.

My roommate traded a new cellphone for a part of his rent last year. I didn’t realize it at the time but this was very smart. It is an Android phone. All of a sudden I’m the object of serious man-envy. I’m asked about the phone when people see me use it. Even IPhone users are curious.

I just purchased a new laptop. It’s been a challenged getting used to it. The old machine plugs along, but if I’m going to be portable in any way. I don’t adapt quickly to new technology, whether it is a phone, a car or a new computer. getting used to the idea that I can take my computer anywhere I want is a bit odd. I’m using it to create this post – the first time I have done so. Not bad so far,

I’ve been following Scott Abel on Twitter. He’s been the official blogger for several professional conferences out in California. Every minute or so there is a tweet about what the speaker is saying. It’s like standing cliff-edge looking over and seeing the future of my profession. I’ve never met Scott, but I feel I real debt, getting my feet wet at the cutting edge of my profession. Maybe Scott will create Abel University some day to make this transfer of knowledge more structured and complete.

A fresher attitude is helping too, a more playful one. I have always seemed at my best when the chips are down. All I ask of winter is that the sun come out and glisten off the ice and snow.


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